Brunswick Integrative Care is a caring multi-disciplinary team of practitioners focused on providing an integrative approach to client wellbeing.


Our integrative practitioners include:


Healing Through Nutrition....

The focus is on holistic, integrated and expressive health care, with the ultimate aim of focusing on the treatment of cause, rather than simply the treatment of symptoms alone.

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Healthy Ageing

We can all see changes to our appearance as we age, but there are many other changes that occur physiologically that are no so obvious, which can start in our 50s! Our body composition changes with age, and so do nutritional requirements. There can be changes in ability to metabolise nutrients and individual needs should  be assessed and if necessary, supported to compensate for these changes. Read more...


The Australian Dietary Guidelines actually show two different categories for people who are older to reflect the changes that occur to our bodies as we age -  those aged 51 to 70 years, and also those 70+ years of age. Even in these population groups nutritional needs are individual, Tracy our Nutritionist can help those needing more specific advice to help maintain strength, muscle, and overall nutritional health.